Virus Protection Equipment

When the Coronavirus pandemic started in March 2020 and lockdown was enforced, we turned our attention to how we could help businesses return to the ‘new normal’.

We approached a local business with a variety of concepts, to be used and implemented across a broad variety of environments. Key design requirements were, encouraging long term use, ease of use and installation and most importantly maximum user protection.

The solutions proposed included designs for the restaurant and hospitality industry that could be maintained and rearranged by staff with ease and speed without damaging existing furniture. Premium screens for reception desks that used existing the manufacturer already held in stock. Other designs included removeable and adjustable screens for office environments as well as sanitiser stations and standardised items that could be sent to the client as flat pack solutions.

It was important that the concepts looked considered and of high quality so that they still had life and purpose once the pandemic had subsided, this ensured a sustainable choice over other providers.