BeeGym Slim

After the success of our involvement in the first BeeGym product, our client approached us to design another solution which would be used alongside the original BeeGym. The main requirement for the new design was that it was capable of fitting into the very slim beehive entrances.

The BeeGym Slim aims to dislodge and remove varroa mites that can decimate beehive populations by attaching themselves onto the honeybees.
The solution was a simple, low profile product with subtle design cues to illustrate its function. The mylar strip inserted along the centre of the plate, as well as the short plastic spikes allows the bees to remove the unwanted visitors with ease before the mites can reach the centre of the hive.

We developed this product from concept to manufacture detail before passing the CAD data to a British injection moulding manufacturer local to our client, this ensured a sustainable supply chain.Available to buy at